Thursday, March 22, 2012


I've been collecting old pre loved boards
for the hand planes I've been making.
This piapo is from one of the old boards.

The original plan was to do a
timber alaia style hard rail with a glass bead.
But, as the shaping progressed it became
obvious that the blank was to thick to do this.
So it has a 50/50 rail all the way through.

First lams on bottom.
I'm doing a Greenough style spoon deck.
That's why I kept the blank as thick as it is.

I've had a roll of carbon lying around
for close to 10 years now.
This seemed like a good project to use some of it on.
I need to keep this thing pretty stiff.
By the time all the foam is removed
there is not going to be much of a structure left.
Hopefully the carbon will keep on keeping on.

Not sure what the weight is.
Carbon warp, S glass weft.

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