Saturday, May 5, 2012


Back in 2009 I made this board.
It has been since superseded
and has been hanging around collecting dust.
Time to put it to some use.
It is a 9'6" pig. It has a fully cambered bottom
with no concave in the nose.
I've been a bit reluctant to add concave to my boards.
Mainly due to my lack of shaping experience.
I did'nt want to bugger it up.
This board has'nt been in the water since August last year.
So with nothing to loose I set about putting some concave in it.
This board did nose ride pretty well.
It may now be even better.

A bit of red pigment on the foam to hide the rough edge.
Two layers of 4oz.
One on the bias.
One 0/90
With a 3" strip around the outline.