Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A claytons Mexican blanket.

I needed to get rid of some old paint.

Lap cut.

Bottom lamed.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Finished shaping.
It is hard to see the subtle s deck
so I played around in photoshop
and came up with this.

As you can see from previous posts 
my workshop is not setup for shaping.
All my walls are white for maximin brightness.
No side lights.

So I hang black plastic for some contrast.
If you think that stringer is bent,
you would be right.
This was the result of the original glue up
on the log this blank came from.
The 1" stringer is end grain balsa with the grain
running across the board.
It was only added to the original blank for some extra width.
So when the blank was glued up there was not enough
longitudinal strength in the balsa to pull the bend out of the bent 
half of the blank. 

Now all I need is the rain to stop so I can get glassing.

Friday, April 22, 2011


In 2006 I made this 9'6" log
out of a couple of SLSC rescue boards.

I have since made a new log.
This one has been in the rack for over 12 months.
So it is time to recycle it.
The masking tape and outline is a rough shape
to see if what I wanted would fit.

It does.

Time to strip the glass off.

The outline cut out and ready to clean up.
8' x 22 1/2" displacement hull.
Nose 17 3/4"
Tail 14 /3/4"
Wide point 6" fwd of half way.
I was hoping to go a little more than 6"
but that is all I could get out of the blank.

Friday, April 8, 2011

NOOSA 2011

We have just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Noosa.
Below are some images of the flight North.
No images of the waves.
There are plenty floating around in blogdom.
We had good waves every day.
There was some outstanding logging going on by the 
international and local crew.
Johnsons was the standout spot on a mid to low tide.
I don't know who the surfer was,
but he caught a wave from behind the big rock at Johnsons
and it was fives and tens all the way to the beach just short of first point. 
He did not move off the nose for the whole wave. 
The waves were running down the bank in about 12" of water.
If you got the right one it was great.
Pick the wrong one and it was a drilling into the sand.

Caves beach south of Newcastle.

Shannon Creek dam.

A bend on the Clarence river
NW of Grafton.

Cape Morton.