Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My partner Kay recons I need a Christmas Holiday project.
So here is this years project.

Back in 2004 I downloaded a PDF via Swaylocks.
It was an out of print book called
Surfboard Design and Construction.
It has some good info on surfboard evolution,
surfboard dynamics, design etc.
It also has some designs to build.

This is the third board I have build
 from the designs in this book.
It is a bit of a hybrid of two of the designs
and a curve from a Keyo Plastic Machine
I restored last year.
The nose to the wide point was taken from the
6'6" Teardrop in the 2nd image.
The tail was taken from the 6'8" egg.
Unfortunately I could not get the two templates to blend.
So I had to use a longer curve which I found in the Keyo.

The blank was salvaged from an 80's McTavish mal 
that was found on a tip on the far north coast by a friend of ours.
It was beyond restoration. Most of the glass had delamed
and the foam had shrunken between the outer stringers.

So it measures in at 6'6"
20.72" wide @ 2'6" from nose.
The nose is 17.60"
The tail is 15.10"
Not sure what the thickness is.
It is about 2.5"
It has a slightly cambered bottom
with a tucked under edge
blending just forward of the fin.
With a subtle S deck and a flat rocker.
This book is American.
The measurements are a bit confusing.
It uses inches and decimal inches.
So if you want to use the numbers you will need to convert the
decimals to mm or the nearest 16th or 8th etc.
Most of the decimal fractions convert to 64ths"

A bit of colour.

Some glass.
Double 4oz on the deck.
Single 4oz on the bottom. 

10" box.


Gloss sanded to 600 wet and dry.

Waxed and ready to go.


SGA said...

good job

Nathan Oldfield said...

Yew Dave! That looks so rad mate!

PLATTY said...

Thank you both for your kind words. I made this board for Kay. She took it out for its maiden voyage yesterday. The surf was only about 2 foot at a secret spot between OB and BH. It is a bank that only breaks once in a while. It got the thumbs up.

The Boda Surfamily said...

great great great!

Nathan Oldfield said...

Even better to see it in person. Hope Kay lets me have a spin!

PLATTY said...

I'm sure she will Nathan. That was a fun little surf we had. I enjoyed riding your 12'er. Also surfing with three generations of Oldfields.