Saturday, October 9, 2010


No surf today. The wind was up early.
What to do?
Lets get stuck into a section
of the front yard that needs some attention.
Gardening in our neck of the woods can be a life and death pastime.
As Jimmy Buffett sings in his song,
"Peanut Butter Conspiracy"
It was a two man operation
Had it all down on a note
Ricky would watch the big round mirror
And I'd fill up my coat 

Gardening around here is a two man operation.
One of us digs and the other
looks out for our gardening nemesis.
The deadly Funnel Web spider.
The one we dug up today would easily
reach from one side of the palm of your hand to the other.
We have picked these spiders up on a spade
and heard them striking the metal with there fangs.

At the other extreme in our garden is this fella.
Again it would stretch from one side of my palm
to the other.
You don't need to be a rocket scientist
to work out which creature one would prefer
to have sitting in ones hand.  

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