Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've been so flatout with ding repairs of late.
The restorations have been put on the back burner.
Today I started on this old Mc Grigor.

The deck is ok, but the bottom is pretty sad.
So the plan is to strip the glass of the bottom.
Clean it up and reglass.

So I stripped the glass around the cutlap line.
There are lumps and bumps everywhere.
Those white spots are old repairs
which were left behind as the glass was stripped off.

I was hoping to be able to work within the cutlap line.
But this is not going to be the case.
The rails are pretty beat up
and the foam needs to be shaved down a fair bit.
So I removed the glass to expose the rail radius.
This has allowed me to sand the bottom flat
and redo the rails.

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