Sunday, October 11, 2009


This board has gone through a few changes over the last couple of years.
The first was adding some extra kick in the tail.
This was to try and slow it down and make it noseride better.
Problem was it slowed it down to much.
So the board got shelved.
The next change had the tail cut off
and the square tail was replaced with a bell pin.
This worked well, but it was still too fast.
Time for some major surgery.
I've been keen on section connectors for a while now.
But not willing to fork out the cash to build one from scratch.
So why not cut up the guinea pig.

This board was 9'6"
When finished it will measure in at 11'6"
It was cut in half at the wide point.

Then the two halves were clamped into the jig I use for repairing snaps.
The rocker was adjusted as best I could.
Normally this jig and the bottom are facing up not down.
So the rocker is quite easy to set by pulling down on one end of the jig.

I needed the jig on the bottom to support the blocks of foam.

Shaped and ready for some glass.
The rocker is pretty good.
The plan shape needs a little tweeking.
Nothing a little bog and fairing can't fix.

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