Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The original plan was to do a resin swirl in the lams.
But because the rocker needed weighing down.
The board could not be flipped to cut the laps.
So it was done on the blank.
A couple of colours, a squeegee and a brush.
Pour on the base colour.
Then pour on the secondary colour.
And squeegee from the stringer out to the rails.
Then clean up the rails and runs with the brush.
The blank went a bit wild after I stripped the glass off.
Way to much rocker.
No stringer.
You get that.
Nothing 4 litres of water can't fix.

First lam on deck.
Just add water.
I suspect the rocker will spring back a bit.
So I will need to nut that one out prior to the bottom lam.

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