Wednesday, June 17, 2009


At some stage a plastic fin was crudely fitted
into the original Safeset finbox.
Making it impossible to use the finbox.

There were a couple of options.
Remove the old box and fit a new/second hand Safeset box.
Or fill the old box and set a new fin on top.
After removing a Safeset box from a donor board.
Which was a major job.
And caused some damage.
Filling the box and setting a new fin was by far the better option.
So the old box was cleaned up.
A 3mm rebate was cut into the box to make a clean edge.
Then filled with pigmented resin and milled fibre.
This was then capped with a two layers of 4oz cloth on the bias.

New fin set and filler coated.
Ready for sanding.

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